Sun Tran Adds 15 More CNG GILLIGs

Sun Tran

Tucson, Ariz.’s Sun Tran introduced 15 new buses into its fixed-route service in November. The buses utilize CNG to improve air quality.

The 40-foot GILLIG CNG buses produce lower emissions than standard fueled vehicles and older CNG vehicles, helping improve air quality in the community. The new buses replaced older biodiesel fueled buses, putting the average fleet age to 7.7 years.

Sun Van recently put into service 21 new Ford E-Series Cutaway Vans into its paratransit fleet. The new vehicles replace aging vans to improve the overall safety and reliability of service to Americans with Disabilities Act passengers.

And on December 1, 21 more E-Series Cutaway Vans will go into revenue service, decreasing the average fleet age to 2.36 years.

Each 22-foot vehicle can accommodate nine passengers and features a longer wheelbase (138 in.) than current Sun Van vehicle models. The longer wheelbase increases floor space inside the vehicle, allowing better maneuverability into the wheelchair securement area for passengers.

Since 2006, 100% of Sun Tran’s fleet has utilized clean fuel technology. The current breakdown of Sun Tran’s fleet, and which fuel type each bus is using consists of the following: 128 B5 biodiesel; 83 CNG; 11 hybrid-electric/biodiesel; and one electric.

In early 2021, Sun Tran will receive five additional electric buses to add to its fleet.