Siemens Launches Portfolio for Rail Vehicle Components
Siemens Launches Portfolio for Rail Vehicle Components

Siemens Mobility announced the launch of MoComp, a consolidated portfolio for its propulsion-related rail vehicle components and systems.

MoComp will offer a range of electrical and mechanical components and system solutions for modern rail vehicles, including pantographs, propulsion systems, bogies, brakes, and onboard power supplies.

“This portfolio is specifically developed for the needs of the industry from the perspective of a vehicle manufacturer,” said Albrecht Neumann, CEO, rolling stock, Siemens Mobility. “MoComp will provide rolling stock producers, OEMs, and operators the opportunity to conveniently acquire individual components and entire systems that will help them optimize and improve the performance of their rail vehicles.”

With a wealth of diversity in its offerings, Siemens provides reliable systems and components for light rail vehicles and trams, metro systems and APMs, regional and high-speed trains, as well as locomotives, and passenger coaches. This allows for the portfolio to address all possible voltages, line supply types, and gauges for all segments of the railway market.

Additionally, Siemens Mobility’s regional framework and familiarity with specific transportation systems and regulations will allow customers to customize components that meet all market-relevant certifications and standards.

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