INIT Companies Unify to Meet Planning, Scheduling, and Driver Management Needs
INIT Companies Unify to Meet Planning, Scheduling, and Driver Management Needs

Init innovations in traffic systems SE (INIT) restructured its previously independent subsidiaries initplan and initperdis to form INIT Mobility Software Solutions GmbH. The two companies, responsible for planning and personnel dispatching, have amalgamated to better serve the current requirements of transport companies worldwide.

“Planning and dispatching are core operational processes of a transport company. We are confident that the consolidation of our two companies is a great step in helping us serve the needs of our customers even more effectively and efficiently,” says Ulrich Schmidt, managing director of INIT Mobility Software Solutions GmbH.

INIT Mobility Software Solutions supports transport companies in completing the complex tasks of timetable, block, and duty planning. Its main product, MOBILE-PLAN, provides downstream systems of the integrated INIT ITS solution, as well as third-party systems with basic and scheduling data. As one example, the planning system allows timetables to be optimized based on statistical data to make them more robust and efficient.

At initperdis, the primary objective is the development and distribution of the personnel dispatching system, MOBILE-PERDIS and the depot management system, MOBILE-DMS.

MOBILE-PERDIS organizes the entire staff deployment process from creating duty rosters to transferring data for payroll accounting. It is an integrated feature of INIT’s planning and dispatching solution.

MOBILE-DMS automates vehicle dispatching and streamlines processes in the depot. This includes the positioning of vehicles, their assignment to service or workshop schedules, and an optimization algorithm for the assignment of parking spaces to ensure the most efficient pull-outs.