Tri-Rail Reaches 100 Million Riders

Photo: SFRTA

Tri-Rail reached 100 million riders on July 9 since first opening in January 1989, according to the company’s press release.

South Florida Regional Transportation Authority’s (SFRTA) Executive Director Steven Abrams and the staff took part in the celebration festivities. The agency celebrated the occasion with thank you cards and an opportunity to win a Tri-Rail pass, T-shirt, or a $5 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.

“It was great to thank people face to face, seeing them go to work, traveling to the airport and even on their way to boxing training,” said Abrams. “Our passengers have figured out that this service is beneficial to get you to just about anywhere you need to go in South Florida.”

There was a one-year delay on this milestone. SFRTA was reaching this number in the summer of 2020, but services were reduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tri-Rail is now almost back at full service. Forty-six of the 50 weekday trains and 28 out of 30 on weekends are at full service. Weekday ridership is currently at 50% of the pre-pandemic levels, while the weekends are at 60%.

Tri-Rail trains take commuters all over. The trains transport commuters to work, school and other destinations along with access to three of South Florida’s main airports.