Riders will receive a Safety Rating at the end of each ride.

Riders will receive a Safety Rating at the end of each ride.

Photo: Superpedestrian

Superpedestrian introduced “Pedestrian Defense,” a breakthrough active safety system, to stop unsafe behavior in real time and prevent serious injuries.

This safety breakthrough is possible through the Navmatic acquisition and the application of the firm’s Super Fusion technology. The technology combines several sources of real-time vehicle dynamics data to produce reliable fleet positioning and vehicle control.

“We’ve spent years at Navmatic developing the most fine-grained sensor fusion and rider behavior detection out there. With Superpedestrian’s high-quality hardware and smart system operation, we can detect how riders behave, make real-time interventions, and give cities actionable insight into the safety of their streets,” said Boaz Mamo, CEO and founder of Navmatic.This is what cities really need to solve the problems associated with e-scooters, and our team is the first and only one to achieve it. We are excited to join Superpedestrian, the technology-leading micromobility player. Only with Superpedestrian have we found the combination of a company that owns a leading sensing technology and that shares our passion to make cities safer.”

Pedestrian Defense will solve micromobility challenges, which have led cities to restrict shared e-scooters. It can detect sidewalk walking, wrong-way riding and aggressive swerving. The new system can correct hard braking by slowing or stopping the e-scooter. It can also generate collision reports for authorities and inform cities about safety conditions.

Superpedestrian can translate the sensor data from Pedestrian Defense to show safety trends and explain how some locations are more prone to unsafe behavior.

“Superpedestrian has cracked the code to one of this industry’s biggest challenges. Our e-scooter is unique because it has the computing power and sensors that Navmatic’s Super Fusion needs in order to operate in the field. Now, we can scale Pedestrian Defense across our entire fleet and offer riders and cities something no other company has: a real-time solution to aggressive and unlawful riding,” said Assaf Biderman, CEO of Superpedestrian.

Riders will receive a Safety Rating at the end of each ride to log safe and unsafe behavior. The rating will be used to bring customized SMS safety training.

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