Torrance Transit System began operating in 1940, providing bus service between Torrance and...

Torrance Transit System began operating in 1940, providing bus service between Torrance and Downtown Los Angeles.

Photo: Torrance Transit

The Torrance Transit System (TTS) announced it has partnered with Swiftly, Inc. to deliver an improved system-wide transit performance and to reduce vehicle crowding to the City of Torrance and South Bay area.

TTS said it continues to hire bus operators for the fall season as office workers return to offices and students return to classrooms.

TTS has been updating schedules to reflect changing on-the-ground conditions. The company is also working to provide training and onboarding to the bus operators.

Swiftly’s tools can help to the overall system performance initiative. The improvements were tested at Torrance Transit in 2019 and they are now fully implemented.

“Swiftly is thrilled to partner with Torrance Transit System to improve overall schedule accuracy, on-time performance and the rider and bus operator experience.” says Jonny Simkin, CEO and co-founder of Swiftly Inc. “We share in TTS’s forward-thinking vision that bringing riders back after a near 18-month gap requires that transit agencies provide an even more equitable, reliable and safe rider experience.”

Swiftly’s agency staff can view real-time bus location for the entire fleet, view historical location information, compare on-time performance of routes, evaluate run times, and analyze the bus speed for all routes.

“Torrance Transit is excited to work with the Swiftly Team and its versatile software platform to enhance our service planning and delivery to the public,” said Kim Turner, director of the Torrance Transit System. “As our region and the nation recover from the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we believe the Swiftly platform will greatly assist us to continue to provide safe, reliable and inexpensive transportation service to the South Bay region of Los Angeles County.”

TTS can improve the spacing of buses on a route to help prevent the overcrowding of vehicles with Swiftly. Additionally, Torrance Transit planners can identify improvements in safety for bus operators by improving their layover and rest time.