Trapeze Group and Sentient Science formed a new collaboration to allow rail transit agencies and railroads to more easily plan, approve, and fund rail maintenance, ultimately reducing maintenance costs and extending rail life.

Trapeze’s light, heavy, commuter, and intercity rail customers can effortlessly integrate DigitalClone for Rail’s track engineering data, economics, and physics-based models into their existing capital planning, budgeting, and work execution processes in the Trapeze EAM platform.

Sentient Science’s DigitalClone for Rail Maintenance (DC-RM) software helps track engineers and chief engineers simulate and compare the life extension of different maintenance strategies including rail grinding, milling, friction management, and material selection. The software provides the business case to help identify each agency’s optimal rail maintenance strategy and make the work easier to approve.

Trapeze EAM is the industry-leading asset management platform that is built for rail properties to enable easier capital planning through clear cost-benefit analysis of the work specifications, budget impact, future cost avoidance, and alternatives considered.