Moovit users can now purchase a one way ticket, 15 ride ticket book, paratransit coupon, or...

Moovit users can now purchase a one way ticket, 15 ride ticket book, paratransit coupon, or monthly pass via mobile payment.

Photo: Moovit

The County of Hawai’i Mass Transit Agency announced it has implemented technological advancements to make riding the bus and using HIBIKE easier for users.

The technological advancements include trip planning, automated vehicle location, mobile fare payment, social media use, and an app.

Passengers can obtain all Hele-On route and schedule information is on Google Transit through Google Maps, as well as on Microsoft Bing Transit through Microsoft Bing Maps and soon on Apple Maps.

The Trip Planner tool on these apps and websites will provide transit options for trips anywhere on Hawai’i Island and can compare to walking, biking, and driving.

A passenger can enter the necessary information in the Trip Planner by either street address, cross streets, or major landmarks along with the trip date and desired arrival or departure times – for same day service or many weeks in advance.

The Trip Planner will then display several options from which to choose. Each option will include directions to and from the nearest bus stop; applicable route numbers including any transfer information; and, total travel times for each trip option.

“Such information on transit options improves the overall quality of service and encourages casual users, non-locals and social service agencies as well as regular transit riders to make greater use of public transit services here on Hawai’i Island," said John Andoh, Mass Transit administrator.

Four of the Hele-On buses assigned to Routes 60, 76/Green, 301 and 403, passengers can track their buses in real time using GMV Syncromatics. This feature will show specific details such as where the bus is, if it is early or late, how full the bus is and the next stop.

An additional four buses will receive this technology next year.

Passengers can purchase their fares using a credit card or a gift card with Visa or Mastercard logo through use of the Token Transit app which is also incorporated into the Moovit app as well. All single rides, 15 ticket sheets, monthly passes and paratransit coupons are available through this app.