Sportworks Global LLC is adding a new bike rack solution designed specifically for on-demand transit services. The Apex 1™ rack transports a single bicycle, offering a simple and streamlined solution for transit authorities, operating smaller vehicles and for routes that require less bicycle capacity.

“More transit authorities are moving toward offering flexible on-demand service using smaller vehicles and at the same time are responding to increasing use of fat-tire and E-bikes and the need to accommodate these types of bicycles on-board.” said Eric Rayl, president of Sportworks. “We designed this version of the Apex rack for user-friendly transport of a standard or fat-tire bike.”

The Apex 1 rack features modular wheel trays, allowing for easy replacement of damaged trays, and the ability to configure the rack for use with the widest variety of bicycle types. The standard wheel trays will support bicycles with tires up to 3.2 inches in width; optional fat-tire wheel trays will accommodate tire widths up to 5.5 inches, enabling transport of a wide range of bicycles and E-bikes. All trays will accommodate wheelbases up to 48 inches, the longest in the market.

The rack is always deployed, minimizing moving parts and eliminating stowing of the rack when it is not in use. Even with the “bicycle-ready” design that is quick and easy for transit riders to secure their bike, the rack maintains safe vehicle operation with a smaller footprint for better vehicle turn radius, headlight, and turn signal visibility — characteristics that are consistent throughout the Apex series.

Apex transit racks are available in several models to accommodate up to three bicycles. The company offers a full range of additional interior transit solutions, including luggage bay racks which are popular for coaches deployed on longer commuter bus routes, as well as interior bike racks for bus rapid transit lines and rail vehicles.

“We are committed to supporting the trends happening in the consumer bike market, and also have capability to quickly respond to innovations in the transit industry,” said Eric Rayl, president of Sportworks. “Our focus is on bicycle infrastructure that accommodates the first- and last-mile to support multimodal transportation.”

Founded in 1990, Sportworks has designed and manufactured innovative bicycle transport solutions for buses, trains, and other modes of mass transit across the globe.