Citra is the first vehicle designed by Lime that features dedicated storage space.

Citra is the first vehicle designed by Lime that features dedicated storage space.

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Lime announced it will pilot a brand new vehicle in Long Beach, Calif.

The vehicle, known as Citra, is Lime’s latest innovation in its family of emissions-free vehicles. The fully-motorized Citra includes a throttle on the handlebars which eliminates the need for pedaling.

Citra is the first vehicle designed by Lime that features dedicated storage space. The rear compartment is sealable and provides a space for riders to carry groceries, backpacks, or other items.

Citra’s exclusive launch in Long Beach this summer makes it the only place riders can try this vehicle.

“Citra is the latest example of our relentless pursuit of innovation, aimed at helping riders get around cities safely, affordably and emissions-free,” said Joe Kraus, president at Lime. “We’re so excited for everyone in Long Beach to experience the joy of riding Citra this summer. We designed Citra to be approachable and intuitive so people feel confident when they hop on. We expect riders to take quickly to Citra as the vehicle combines the comfort and practicality of a bike, with the effortlessness of an e-scooter. Citra is the perfect way to save money on gas, avoid time wasted in traffic, and alleviate the headaches of hunting for parking in Long Beach.”

Citra features:

  • Front and rear turn signals to help riders let other road users know when they are turning and make their movement more predictable. 
  • A louder horn instead of a bell so other road users can better hear riders approaching. 
  • Thicker tires designed to better handle bumps. 
  • A phone mount so riders don’t have to stop and check their phone for directions.

Citra is powered by swappable batteries and repaired with reusable parts.

The Citra pilot comes as Lime is conducting its largest-ever fleet upgrade in North America, rolling out its new Gen4 e-scooter across the entire Los Angeles market.

“Citra will be the most fun way to experience Long Beach this summer. We chose Long Beach as the first market to pilot Citra because of its great riding environment," said Scott Jackson, senior operations manager, Lime. "Our successful e-scooter program is a testament to the potential micromobility has to help get people out of cars in Long Beach. The City is highly-collaborative and excited about the benefits of more sustainable transportation options for residents and visitors, including Citra and our new Gen4 e-scooters. We look forward to seeing riders hop on a Citra or a Gen4 and head to the beach safely, affordably, and sustainably all summer."

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