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METRO and Bentley Systems teamed to launch a webinar, entitled “How the Power of Digital Technology Can Help Reimagine the Future of Rail Transit,” which is available now on demand.

With the backdrop of tighter budgets, shorter deadlines, and increased legislation, the risks associated with changing tried‐and‐tested formulas can weigh heavily on the minds of those responsible for creating and managing assets that support nearly every aspect of our lives.

Digital technology — including the utilization of digital twins to optimize business outcomes across the asset lifecycle — hold the key to future success, and during this webinar, you will see how visionary owners, operators, and their supply chains, are coming together to “Reimagine the Future of Rail and Transit” for a better tomorrow.

Listen to the webinar now to learn about:

  • Rail and transit industry trends and drivers.
  • Change as a strategy and not a reaction.
  • The next big digital disruption — digital twins.
  • Real‐world examples of infrastructure digital twins delivering better business outcomes.
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