President Biden's address at the Cummins facility was part of his "Investing in America" tour.

President Biden's address at the Cummins facility was part of his "Investing in America" tour. 

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President Joe Biden visited Cummins Power Generation Facility in Fridley, Minn., as part of his administration’s  “Investing in America” tour, as he addressed Cummins Inc. continued efforts to produce clean hydrogen.

Cummins recently announced that it is investing more than $1 billion across its U.S. engine manufacturing network in Indiana, North Carolina, and New York to produce cleaner engines.

“In just a few weeks, we will begin manufacturing one of the key pieces of technology for green hydrogen production that will help decarbonize our economy and drive the clean energy transition — the electrolyzer,” said Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins president/CEO. “Support from the Biden administration and Congress with legislation like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act are driving the clean energy economy forward in the United States and critical to our decarbonization efforts.”

Biden credited the Inflation Reduction Act as one of the reasons Cummins will be able to manufacture hydrogen electrolyzers in the U.S.

“When Cummins first manufactured hydrogen electrolyzers, they had to make them overseas,” Biden said. “Before the pandemic, the supply chain wasn’t something most Americans spent much time thinking about. Instead of relying on equipment made overseas in places like China, supply chains will again be made in America.”

Cummins’ investment will provide upgrades to support the company’s new fuel-agnostic engine platforms that will run on low-carbon fuels.

Coming Up in Cummins’ Fuel-Agnostic Series

In February, Cummins Inc. announced it is launching the next engine in the fuel-agnostic series, the X10, in North America in 2026. 

The engine, named as part of the X engine family, is uniquely positioned to replace both the L9 and the X12 with the versatility to serve both medium and heavy-duty applications. It will also be compliant with U.S. EPA’s 2027 regulations a full year early. 

The diesel version will be first available, with other versions for gaseous fuels introduced later. 

Cummins’ New Brand to Help Zero-Emissions Future

Cummins Inc. announced the launch of Accelera by Cummins, a new brand for its New Power business unit.

Accelera provides a portfolio of zero-emissions solutions, empowering customers to accelerate their transition to a sustainable future, according to Cummins' news release.

The launch of Accelera is a step forward in Cummins’ efforts to achieve its Destination Zero strategy, focused on evolving Cummins technologies to reach zero emissions across its product portfolio.

Accelera is advancing a range of zero-emissions solutions, including hydrogen fuel cells, batteries, e-axles, traction systems, and electrolyzers, to sustainably power a variety of industries.

Over the past several years, Cummins has invested more than $1.5 billion in research and technology, capital, and acquisitions to build Accelera’s technological capabilities.

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