The eMOBILE-PLAN simulation tool for the planning and optimization of electric vehicles into fleets, allows agencies to simulate scenarios using different types of electric buses, different placements of charging stations within a network, and even different route profiles and temperature ranges to generate efficient and economical timetables, blocks, and duty schedules. The tool empowers agencies to define the medium- and long-term impacts on energy costs and personnel requirements while helping them minimize risks.

HVC-Overnight Charging products offer an intelligent and cost-effective solution to charge larger fleets of electric buses during the night. Key features include, sequential charging; small infrastructure footprint of the depot charge-box; flexible design for roof and floor mounting; CCS- and OCPP-compliant; and remote diagnostics and management tools.

Momentum Dynamics
Momentum Dynamics’ fast wireless charging system allows electric vehicles to operate all-day with unlimited range. The modular automatic charging system works for en-route and in-depot charging of electric vehicles by providing 50 kW to 450 kW charging at high efficiency. It operates under all weather conditions and has the lowest total cost of ownership. Contact

Optibus’ Electric Vehicle Scheduling system uses EV-specific metrics to create the most integrated and optimal operational and charging plan. Allows users to easily access rules and preferences related to battery use, charging requirements; create an accurate operational schedule that includes the optimal charging times and locations; valuable access to pre-defined battery and EV Optibus Customer Success best practices; and integrate with and iterate schedules based on EV battery data.