TransLoc partnered with to increase community input on implemented microtransit services. The partnership will allow transit agencies to gather meaningful feedback and continually engage riders to understand their needs or concerns.

With access to’s software, TransLoc’s partner agencies can now offer riders an easy way to share their input on current services, allowing them to better monitor the performance of transit offerings. Transit agencies are able to poll riders on everything from how the service impacts their quality of life to needed improvements.

Federal guidelines encourage transit agencies to engage stakeholders who have a vested interest or will be impacted. By integrating the public involvement process from outreach to analysis and reporting,’s software helps agencies to meet that standard. Agencies will now be able to conduct “mixed-mode” engagement, allowing them to collect input via online and offline tactics and review it all in one central dashboard.

Their unique capabilities provide transit agencies the opportunities to enhance community involvement in transit services, without taxing internal resources, including reaching riders in underrepresented groups who live in transit-dependent communities. Input from these marginalized riders is invaluable in creating a better, more equitable transit experience.

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