Moovit announced a comprehensive route planning service app for people with restricted mobility.

The accessibility feature adds to other industry-leading features the company has implemented on its app to help transit riders with disabilities. Last year, the company added comprehensive VoiceOver/TalkBack support for the visually impaired, which provides clear voice directions including get off alerts. Earlier this year, Moovit introduced larger buttons strategically placed on the app’s bottom bar to assist users with limited motoric skills.

The announcement furthers Moovit’s position of providing the right information to transit riders with reduced mobility, such as step-free access routes from street level to the train and lift availability on the transport network.

Thanks to the new features by Moovit, users of the app will be directed around the transport network in the most efficient way possible, getting travelers with restricted mobility from A to B using routes that are fully wheelchair accessible. Currently, the accessibility feature is offered in seven major U.S. cities: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Madison WI, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and San Diego.

“Whether you’re visually-impaired, have restricted mobility or motoric issues, there should be no barriers to using public transport in 2017, and Moovit is working hard to ensure there are not,” said Moovit VP, Product, Yovav “Jay” Meydad. “By incorporating these considerably important accessibility features, we are now able to help even more users get around more smoothly.”