Brent Pantell/UCLA

Brent Pantell/UCLA

WESTWOOD, Calif. — The Daily Bruin reports that UCLA students are opting for ride-hailing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, and the university’s BruinBus system to get to and from campus.

The report finds that students are opting for Uber and Lyft, which gives them more options for navigating around Westwood and campus. Some even use the apps more than university-provided transportation, such as BruinBus.

While some students find BruinBus less convenient because it is a bit slower than using ride-hailing apps, UCLA officials say 85% of riders on the free system are students and that ridership is not decreasing.  

In response to the growing availability of ride-hailing apps, BruinBus is working to evaluate routes for efficiency more frequently and adding technology, such as dashboard monitor for drivers, so drivers can monitor their routes, travel time and ridership, and improve time efficiency of the bus routes. For the full story, click here.