The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) hosted a demonstration of the Easy Mile EZ10 autonomous vehicle on Wednesday. More than a hundred people attended the event to learn more about the future of the Skyway and take a ride in a vehicle that utilizes next generation autonomous vehicle technology.

On Feb. 23, the JTA Board of Directors approved the recommendations of the Skyway Modernization Program report and authorized staff to begin work on the Development of the Ultimate Urban Circulator Program or U²C.

“The U²C program will help drive economic growth through enhanced mobility, connectivity, sustained economic growth and vibrancy for Jacksonville,” said JTA CEO Nathaniel P. Ford Sr. “This is a defining project for the City of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida and we are excited to be a leader in the effort to harness this new technology.”

The U²C plan includes using existing investments in the Skyway and harnessing the potential of emerging technology to better connect people and places in and around downtown. Implementing this bold, but necessary vision to enhance the transportation system of tomorrow will take innovation and successful partnerships, community buy-in, and essential financial resources.

Ford asked the audience to envision a future in which they can park their car in a downtown lot, visit a local restaurant and then ride the JTA along Bay Street to a concert at Daily’s Place. His visualization also includes a future 10K run across the new pedestrian bridge.