<p>The new TAPTCO course is available on DVD, Thumb Drive, or via the web on a Learning Management System.</p>

The Transit & Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) has completed the re-creation and expansion of their Operator Development Course (ODC).

Eight years ago, TAPTCO created a Transit Bus Operator Development Training Course containing 28 video programs on DVDs, three posters, and all the guides to help deliver the training as designed.      

The programs in the new course are focused based on the desired outcomes from the training. This means that the training does educate and persuade operators to avoid all unsafe behaviors.

The new requirements for Transit Systems to create and follow a Public Transit Agency Safety Plan include detailed requirements for following a Safety Management System. These desired behaviors overlap excellently with the actions to implement a safety culture. As such, this new course has been designed to help agencies comply with the new regulations and implement a safety culture, at the same time.

The new course is available on DVD, Thumb Drive, or via the web on a Learning Management System.

More than 450 Transit Systems are using the original Transit Operator Development Course and almost every major contractor. These training materials do improve operator behaviors leading to reduced accidents.

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