Rendering via Stantec

Rendering via Stantec

Stantec was selected by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) to design a new $38 million Transit Security and Operations Center (TSOC). The TSOC will address the needs and requirements of OCTA’s operations with the goal of supporting job duties, efficiency, functionality, communication, and operations.

The 32,000-square-foot, two-story facility will house OCTA’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Central Communications (Dispatch), Field Operations, Information Systems, and Security and Emergency Preparedness functions. The facility, which will be housed on a 2.9 acre site, will be designed with redundant building systems and increased structural performance criteria to provide for a resilient facility that can support OCTA’s functions in the event of an emergency.

The architectural design of the facility will ensure a civic presence for the new building while maintaining a high level of security for all building occupants and visitors. The site design features levels of access control and separated parking areas for employees and visitors. The building will feature a large, double-height video wall to support the Dispatch and EOC functions on both floors. All building functions will be supported by internally focused programming for shared accommodations outside of the separately secured departments. The facility design also includes roof-mounted microwave communications, a fueling station, photovoltaic systems, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Stantec has a long history working with OCTA, helping the agency plan for the conversion of its bus fleet to 100% zero-emission technology by 2040, providing conceptual design for streetcar stations, and delivering multiple projects through ongoing architectural and engineering on-call contracts.

The TSOC is expected to break ground in 2022.