TransitScreen’s proprietary data platform coordinates and customizes more than 3,000 data feeds...

TransitScreen’s proprietary data platform coordinates and customizes more than 3,000 data feeds to provide real time information about: public transportation, shared transportation, ride hailing services and private transportation like shuttle buses, parking, and vanpool programs. 

Photo: TransitScreen

TransitScreen, a transportation information software solution provider, now offers real estate owners and operators new features and the ability to engage and communicate with their community of tenants with the launch of TransitScreen 7.

New features include:

  • Hosted or streaming videos, 
  • Embedded web content (webpages, images, and more available via URL),
  • Custom full screen messaging, and
  • Customizable display with primary and secondary branding colors, watermark background imagery, and gridline settings.

Additionally, TransitScreen's live display software can activate any TV with local real-time information using its own plug-and-play hardware.

“TransitScreen 7 more seamlessly integrates with the character, style, and branding standards of our customers' properties,” said Aaron Rinaca, VP of Product for TransitScreen. “For example, if you own or operate a hotel or multifamily property, the screen can be customized to match an established aesthetic. What’s more, our customers can now schedule videos and full screen messages on their screen to create a more personalized, engaging, and timely experience. Whether you are presenting a video tour to a prospective tenant or announcing community events, the screen is now even more relevant to every tenant and visitor.” 

TransitScreen also provides information on nearby transportation, onsite, and neighborhood amenities such as:

  • Live crowding updates, service disruption alerts, walking distance in minutes to stations or stops, and real time arrival times for any mode of public transportation,
  • Flight times and delays,
  • Walking distance in minutes to and availability of shared transportation,
  • Surge pricing and estimated time of arrival for ride hailing services,
  • Names, hours of operation, and address information for nearby amenities,
  • Time, date, and live weather conditions,
  • Custom messaging and communications that are easy-to-use.

"We listened to our real estate customers across the country who have been asking for more custom messaging capabilities and branded custom graphics,” said Matt Caywood, TransitScreen CEO. “Now, they can activate their buildings with dynamic, real-time content, using the simplicity of TransitScreen's full service platform.”