For the past few years, Greyhound has been undergoing a major business transformation. To showcase some of the improvements, the company has launched an innovative and creative advertising campaign that focuses on how the company has changed. The campaign tells the story of the enhancements the company has made to improve the customer experience.

"Greyhound is not the company consumers may remember, as we've made great strides to modernize and create a better travel experience," said Kim Plaskett, VP, marketing, Greyhound Lines Inc. "Our goal with this campaign is to take on the perceptions of our brand by showing we have changed. From the modern look of our buses, to our new, innovative technology, we're creating a more personalized experience for customers that starts from the moment they purchase a ticket to the time they step off the bus at their destination."

The new campaign highlights the old versus new Greyhound in a humorous and entertaining manner, while conveying the message that Greyhound has come a long way from the Greyhound of the past. This campaign is the company's official re-introduction to both new and former customers and provides the opportunity to inform them of new enhancements, such as its newly designed website and mobile app, as well as its modern buses with premium amenities, including free onboard Wi-Fi, power outlets, extra legroom, reclining leather seats and guaranteed seating.

The campaign also promotes Greyhound's direct service between major cities and reminds consumers it offers some of the lowest prices and best value in transportation.

These and other improvements are what Greyhound is showcasing in its new campaign. Additional developments are in the works as it continues to look for more innovative ways to enhance its technology, training, customer service, and ultimately, the entire travel experience.

Greyhound's latest campaign includes online video, display ads, paid search, out-of-home, mobile, social media and native advertising. Sausalito, Calif.-based Butler Shine Stern and Partners, Greyhound's agency of record, developed the campaign, which is scheduled to run through the end of March 2017.