Check out this latest list of companies from METRO offering the latest in electric bus charging and management products, including: 

  • ABB E-mobility
  • BP Pulse
  • Lightning eMotors 
  • Optibus
  • Proterra Energy 
  • Pioneer eMobility
  • Wabtec Bus Solutions
  • WAVE
  • Zenobe

ABB E-mobility

ABB E-mobility is pioneering a zero-emission future by offering a wide portfolio of smart, safe, and reliable EV charging solutions.  -  Photo: ABB E-mobility

ABB E-mobility is pioneering a zero-emission future by offering a wide portfolio of smart, safe, and reliable EV charging solutions.

Photo: ABB E-mobility

ABB E-mobility is pioneering a zero-emission future by offering a wide portfolio of smart, safe, and reliable EV charging solutions for the electrification of electric car, bus, and truck fleets. With a decade of experience and more than 1,500 employees around the world, ABB E-mobility has delivered over one million EV chargers across more than 85 countries, including over 50,000 DC fast chargers.

BP Pulse

 -  Photo: BP Pulse

Photo: BP Pulse

For bus fleet operators looking to go electric, bp pulse handles all aspects of charge management, from the site design of charging depots to optimizing energy costs to the maintenance of charging infrastructure.

The company is “de-risking” fleet electrification through two core services: its intelligent, cloud-based charge management software, Omega, which optimizes the cost of EV charging, fleet uptime, and other factors; and the holistic Charging-as-a-Service support model that dramatically reduces upfront capital expenditures.

Lightning eMotors

 -  Photo: Lightning eMotors

Photo: Lightning eMotors

The Lightning eMotors Mobile DC fast charger addresses electric bus adoption challenges by providing portable, quickly deployable charging. The unit can be charged offsite and set up in high traffic areas that don’t support DC fast charging, like national parks, transit bus centers, or sports venues. It can also be used as a towed range extender, providing power on long-haul coach tours. And of course, it’s an ideal out-of-charge rescue device.


 -  Photo: Optibus

Photo: Optibus

Make the transition to electric buses easier with Optibus' EV management software. Using algorithms and artificial intelligence, Optibus supports agencies, cities, and operators in planning, scheduling, and operating electric routes.

Their EV solution quickly explores multiple scenarios, improves the predictability of timetables and schedules, and optimizes electricity costs and charging times and locations, while accounting for road conditions, traffic, weather, and more.

Proterra Energy

 -  Photo: Proterra

Photo: Proterra

As transit agencies move to fully-electric bus fleets, large-scale charging infrastructure will play a vital role in achieving transportation electrification goals. Proterra offers a decade of charging installation experience as well as custom EV charging solutions delivering a comprehensive set of products to scale zero emission fleets.

Proterra’s fleet-scale charging solution is highly configurable offering maximum flexibility at a minimal footprint that can support up to 24 vehicles simultaneously, and up to 48 sequentially.\

Pioneer eMobility

 -  Photo: Pioneer eMobility

Photo: Pioneer eMobility

The EPA’s $5B Clean Bus grants require school e-buses ordered between October 2022 to April 2023, have eligible infrastructure installed by October 2024. But the timeline for infrastructure permits often takes two years, and the investment may not be feasible for contractors on leased properties.

e-Boost solves the dilemma with a sustainably powered, off-grid, mobile charging solution. Pioneer e-Boost’s mobility can help districts better understand range, routes, and weather factors without leaving students stranded by a “bricked” e-Bus.  

Wabtec Bus Solutions

 -  Photo: Wabtec Bus Solutions

Photo: Wabtec Bus Solutions

Wabtec electric bus charging solutions are backed by decades of leadership developing the world’s most reliable energy transfer components for local municipal transportation providers, sophisticated high-speed rail systems, and on-shore port power.

For the fastest overnight DC charging, the DepotPANTO features easy connection to roof-mounted rails and fully automatic loading. Lightweight ceiling mount design increases depot charging throughput and efficiency with automatic operation to minimize labor costs.


 -  Photo: WAVE

Photo: WAVE

Hands-free, with no moving parts, WAVE delivers fast, safe, high-power charging within seconds of scheduled stops and natural dwell times.

With power ranging from 125kW to 500kW and higher, WAVE’s high-power systems are ideal for powering electric vehicles for mass transit, warehouse and distribution centers, shuttle services, seaports, and more.


 -  Photo: Zenobe

Photo: Zenobe

Zenobe is the largest owner and operator of EV transit buses with approximately 60 depots and 1100 EV buses in operation globally. Its mission is to provide solutions that drive the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce emissions from the transport and logistics sectors.

Zenobe’s ETaaS (Electric Transport-as-a-Service) solutions provide fleet operators and transit authorities with a turnkey pay-per-month fee, including initial acquisition of EV bus/battery, charging infrastructure, battery replacement, and award-winning software. 

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