Fla.'s CAT Launches Masabi Mobile Ticketing App


Fla.’s Collier Area Transit (CAT) and Masabi launched a new mobile ticketing application for riders using CAT’s services. The mobile ticketing app, called rideCAT, offers an upgrade to current ticketing options by enabling riders to purchase and display tickets directly on their smartphones anywhere and at any time.

The new service is an important part of helping to make riding transit as safe as possible by removing the need for passengers to handle cash, physical tickets, or interact with ticketing infrastructure. rideCAT is available for download from Google Play and the App Store. Passengers can also buy tickets online using the new web portal and either push them to a mobile device or print them at home.

Riders using CAT’s mobile ticketing app, powered by Masabi’s Justride fare payments platform, can pay for tickets using a credit or debit card, or via Apple Pay. Single, day, 15-day, and 30-days passes are available, as well as fares with entitlements. Once purchased, passengers simply activate their tickets on their phones prior to boarding and scan the barcode on the new onboard validation units, which have been installed across the agency’s bus services.

As part of the project 26, new validation devices have been installed across the bus network. Passengers scan their dynamic and encrypted mobile pasess on the devices when boarding the bus, with an audible beep and a colored screen identifying the ticket as valid for use. These validation units will help speed up boarding times making riding services faster and safer by enabling contactless fare payment and validation. The validation units are powered by Masabi’s Justride Inspect software and read NFC and contactless EMV technology, giving the agency the flexibility to turn on Account-Based Ticketing and other account-based tokens, if required.